About Us

Coast 2 Coast Resort Services

Coast 2 Coast Resort Services is a Gold Coast based commercial cleaning company.

We have 3 divisions Housekeeping, Body Corp / Public Areas and Commercial Office cleaning.

We take great pride in our position in the industry not only providing a great service to our customers but providing work for locals and international students. We take time in hiring the right people for our business who share similar values in life and in work ethics.  

About Jeremy



My love of working in hotels began back in 2002 when I started at Conrad Jupiter’s Casino (Star Gold Coast) it was a great place to work and learn the industry. We were taught that we were in the business of making peoples holidays comfortable, enjoyable and exciting and were encouraged to go out of our way to make it special for our guests.

In 2004 I took on the challenge of running a new commercial resort services business. At the time I arrived we had 3 small resorts that we were looking after and I quickly realized it was very different to what I was use to, the rooms were far bigger than hotel rooms and they were of varying standards, however gusts are guest and we did our best everyday to make their rooms clean, comfortable and well presented for a enjoyable stay.

When we started working together in 2004 the owner and myself  identified that we needed to create a some systems that would help our new supervisors and new cleaners get our rooms done on time and to standard everyday. These systems grew into a manual full of everything we needed to provide the best service for our customers and give our staff the opportunity to succeed, 

Some of the main items in the manual,

*Daily checklists for the cleaners and supervisors specific to that resort

*Cleaners worksheet

* Daily report

* Order in which to clean a room specific to that resort

* How to train a new team member or supervisor

* How to stack a cleaning trolley 

and of course linen room signage to help us provide the best standards not only in the rooms but from the moment we arrived to work.


Once those systems were implemented and refined over time we it was easy to duplicate them and over the 4 years we had 16 resorts between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and over a 100 staff in peek seasons. 

We saw early on that there were opportunities to expand the business and become more than just a cleaning company and transform into a full resort services business. We began adding other divisions (Commercial Laundry, Carpet Cleaning, Labour Hire). Our Commercial Laundry provided linen to 20 resorts on the Gold Coast, our carpet cleaning business serviced all the resorts we cleaned and also the Sheraton Mirage which we provided up to 10 staff every weekend on a labour hire arrangement. 


We had the opportunity to work at some great buildings and also had the privilege to open some very special buildings on both the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. 

None of this would have been possible if we didn't have the right systems in place and more importantly the most amazing people work for us along the way, it was hard work but i loved it.

In mid 2008 the owners had an offer they couldn’t refuse and decided to sell the business and move into other business opportunities. 

After that I went on to start my own small business which we still have to this day. In my time away from hotels and resorts I found myself missing the industry and I decided to start Coast 2 Coast Resort Services in 2010 and have been doing resorts and commercial work ever since.